Accepted or to appear

Papers in international journals

  1. T. Boers, Y. Hu, E. Gibson, D. Barratt, E. Bonmati, J. Krdzalic, F. van der Heijden, J. Hermans and H. Huisman. "Interactive 3D U-net for the Segmentation of the Pancreas in Computed Tomography Scans", Physics in Medicine and Biology.

  2. N. Mahomed, B. van Ginneken, R.H.H.M. Philipsen, J. Melendez, D.P. Moore, H. Moodley, T. Sewchuran, D. Mathew and S.A. Madhi. "Computer-aided diagnosis for World Health Organization-defined chest radiograph primary-endpoint pneumonia in children", Pediatric Radiology. Abstract/PDF DOI PMID 31930429

Papers in conference proceedings

  1. H.C. Altun, G. Chlebus, C. Jacobs, H. Meine, B. van Ginneken and H.K. Hahn. "Feasibility of End-To-End Trainable Two-Stage U-Net for Detection of Axillary Lymph Nodes in Contrast-Enhanced CT Based Scans on Sparse Annotations", in: Medical Imaging of Proceedings of the SPIE. Abstract


Papers in conference proceedings

  1. N. Moriakov, J. Adler and J. Teuwen. "Kernel of CycleGAN as a principal homogeneous space", in: International Conference on Learning Representations, 2020. Abstract URL